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Blizze Signature is an event planning and decoration company that combines creativity, logic, and experience to provide optimal event solutions. We have a passion for providing creative design concepts that make for great talking points and wonderful memories. Attention to details and elegance with intelligence are the trademarks we bring to every event. We are aimed at making both you and your guests feel incredibly special. We also strive to surpass your expectation.

Our team of professional experts examines every aspect of the event through a prism of sustainability and determines how to create something that is both gracious and green.

We specialize in elegant social events, corporate events and weddings. When you invest with corporate event planning with Blizze Signature, we go above and beyond to produce results for your company’s image and brand identity.


Your story begins where most great stories begin. In our initial meeting, we will bring the sharing process of ideas as to how you envision your event. This is  where all of the fun starts and where the story begins, from an intimate social gathering or dream wedding to an elaborate gala or custom stage set for corporate clients. We focus on the story and help you tell it.